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100 1 _aSzczepaniak, Piotr S.
245 1 0 _aAdvances in Web Intelligence
_h[electronic resource] :
_bThird International Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference, AWIC 2005, Lodz, Poland, June 6-9, 2005. Proceedings /
_cedited by Piotr S. Szczepaniak, Janusz Kacprzyk, Adam Niewiadomski.
260 1 _aBerlin, Heidelberg :
_bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg,
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_bSpringer Berlin Heidelberg,
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490 1 _aLecture Notes in Computer Science,
_x0302-9743 ;
505 0 _aKeynote Lectures -- How Much Intelligence in the Semantic Web? -- The Wisdom Web – A Grand Intellectual Undertaking -- Measuring Attractiveness of Rules from the Viewpoint of Knowledge Representation, Prediction and Efficiency of Intervention -- Web Intelligence Meets Brain Informatics: An Impending Revolution in WI and Brain Sciences -- Case Studies -- Hybrid Computational Intelligence for Ambient Intelligent Environments -- Towards a Multilingual QA System Based on the Web Data Redundancy -- An Intelligent Information System for Detecting Web Commerce Transactions -- Tuples Extraction from HTML Using Logic Wrappers and Inductive Logic Programming -- Immune Systems in Multi-criterion Evolutionary Algorithm for Task Assignments in Distributed Computer System -- Ants in Web Searching Process -- Using Adaptive Fuzzy-Neural Control to Minimize Response Time in Cluster-Based Web Systems -- Task Realization’s Optimization with Earliness and Tardiness Penalties in Distributed Computation Systems -- Robust Fuzzy Clustering with Fuzzy Data -- Distributed Service Management Based on Genetic Programming -- Research on Path Clustering Based on the Access Interest of Users -- A Request-Based Approach to Maintain Object Consistency in Content Distribution Network -- Testing the Effectiveness of Retrieval to Queries Using Polish Words with Diacritics -- Using a Neuro-Fuzzy Network for Impulsive Noise Suppression from Highly Distorted Images of WEB-TVs -- Vector Retrieval Model for XML Document Based on Dynamic Partition of Information Units -- Flexible Querying with Fuzzy Projection -- Ontology Aided Query Expansion for Retrieving Relevant Texts -- WCVF: The Struggling Web Contents Visualization -- Ontology Based Web Crawling – A Novel Approach -- Rough Set Based Data Mining Tasks Scheduling on Knowledge Grid -- Global Stability Affected by Migration Behavior of Web Entities in the Bio-network Architecture -- The Cartographer Algorithm for Processing and Querying Description Logics Ontologies -- On Association Rules Mining Algorithms with Data Privacy Preserving -- Using Artificial Neural Networks for Processing Data Gained via OpenDAP and Consolidated from Different Databases on Distributed Servers -- A Technique for Learning Similarities on Complex Structures with Applications to Extracting Ontologies -- Conceptual Query Expansion -- A General Framework of Targeted Marketing -- Rough Sets Approach to Medical Diagnosis System -- Towards a Synergistic Combination of Web-Based and Data-Driven Decision Support Systems via Linguistic Data Summaries -- WindOwls-Adaptive System for the Integration of Recommendation Methods in E-Commerce -- Automated Keyphrase Extraction: Assisting Students in the Search for Online Materials -- Adaptive Tuning of PID Controller for Multivariable System Using Bacterial Foraging Based Optimization -- Context-Aware Access Control Mechanism for Ubiquitous Applications -- On Application of Neural Networks for S-Boxes Design -- Migration Integrity Rules in Open Systems -- Fulltext-Image Watermarking Using Improved DWT and HVS Based on JPEG Compression -- Active Network Approach for Web Caching -- Document Retrieval Using Semantic Relation in Domain Ontology -- An Anti-noise Text Categorization Method Based on Support Vector Machines -- Increasing Profitability: Voice-Based Browsing to Recommendation System Web Services -- Effectiveness and Relevancy Measures Under Modal Cardinality for Intuitionistic Fuzzy Sets -- A Simple, Structure-Sensitive Approach for Web Document Classification -- A Reinforcement Learning Approach for QoS Based Routing Packets in Integrated Service Web Based Systems -- Goal Directed Web Services -- Optimizing Collaborative Filtering Recommender Systems -- Intelligent Reputation Assessment for Participants of Web-Based Customer-to-Customer Auctions -- Awareness and Coordination for Web Cooperative Authoring -- Security Systems Design and Analysis Using an Integrated Rule-Based Systems Approach -- On Two Possible Roles of Type-2 Fuzzy Sets in Linguistic Summaries -- Fuzzy Sets-Based Retranslation of Numerical Data in E-Learning -- Optimizing a Data Warehouse Using Evolutionary Computation -- Specifying Schema Mappings for Query Reformulation in Data Integration Systems -- XKMS-Based Key Management for Open LBS in Web Services Environment -- A Trust Model Based on Bayesian Approach -- Automatic Assignment of Wikipedia Encyclopedic Entries to WordNet Synsets -- Using Existing Website Ontologies to Assist Navigation and Exploration -- Fuzzy Constraint Based Answer Validation -- Mining Context Based Sequential Patterns -- Can One Out-Link Change Your PageRank? -- Web Textual Documents Scoring Based on Discrete Transforms with Fuzzy Weighting -- Recommendation System Using Multistrategy Inference and Learning -- User Activity Investigation of a Web CRM System Based on the Log Analysis -- Researching on Composition Framework of Web Components Based On Organization -- Carrot2: Design of a Flexible and Efficient Web Information Retrieval Framework -- Using Semantic Matching, Research on Semantic Web Services Composition -- Ontology-Based Searching Over Multiple Networked Data Sources -- Studying on the Awareness Model in Ontological Knowledge Community -- Workshop: Knowledge and Data Mining Grid -- 1st International Workshop on Knowledge and Data Mining Grid -- Intelligent Database Distribution on a Grid Using Clustering -- A Semantically-Rich Management System Based on CIM for the OGSA Security Services -- A Flexible Grid Infrastructure for Data Analysis -- SoPhIA: A Unified Architecture for Knowledge Discovery -- Adapting the Weka Data Mining Toolkit to a Grid Based Environment -- DCP-Grid A Framework for Concurrent Distributed Transactions on Grid Environments -- A Roadmap to the Grid e-Workspace.
520 _aIn recent years the Internet has become a source of data and information of indisputable importance and has immensely gained in acceptance and popularity. The World Wide Web (WWW or Web, for short), frequently named “the nervous system of the infor- tion society,” offers numerous valuable services leaving no doubt about the signi?cance of the Web in our daily activities at work and at home. Consequently, we have a clear aspiration to meet the obvious need for effective use of its potential by making - provements in both the methods and the technology applied. Among the new research directions observable in Web-related applications, intelligent methods from within the broadly perceived topic of soft computing occupy an important place. AWIC, the “Atlantic Web Intelligence Conferences” are intended to be a forum for exchange of new ideas and novel practical solutions in this new and exciting ?eld. The conference was born as an initiative of the WIC-Poland and the WIC-Spain Research Centres, both belonging to the Web Intelligence Consortium – WIC (http://wi-consortium.org/). So far, three AWIC conferences have been held: in Madrid, Spain (2003), in Cancun, Mexico (2004), and in ?ódz, ´ Poland (2005).
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700 1 _aKacprzyk, Janusz.
700 1 _aNiewiadomski, Adam.
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