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245 1 0 _aGizopoulos / Advances in ElectronicTesting
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_cedited by Dimitris Gizopoulos.
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490 1 _aFrontiers in Electronic Testing,
_x0929-1296 ;
505 0 _aDefect-Orinted Testing -- Failure Mechanisms and Testing in Nanometer Technologies -- Silicon Debug -- Delay Testing -- High-Speed Digital Test Interfaces -- DFT_Oriented,Low-Cost Testers -- Embedded Cores and System-on-Chip Testing -- Embedded MemoryTesting -- Mixed-Signal Testing and DfT -- RF Testing -- Loaded Board Testing.
520 _aAdvances in Electronic Testing: Challenges and Methodologies is a new type of edited volume in the Frontiers in Electronic Testing book series devoted to recent advances in electronic circuits testing. The book is a comprehensive elaboration on important topics which capture major research and development efforts today. The motivation and inspiration behind this book is to deliver a thorough text that focuses on the evolution of test technology, provides insight about the abiding importance of discussed topics, records today’s state of the art and industrial practices and trends, reveals the challenges for emerging testing methodologies, and envisages the future of this journey. The book consists of eleven edited chapters written by experts in Defect-Oriented Testing, Nanometer Technologies Failures and Testing, Silicon Debug, Delay Testing, High-Speed Test Interfaces, DFT-Oriented Low-Cost Testers, Embedded Cores and System-on-Chip Testing, Memory Testing, Mixed-Signal Testing, RF Testing and Loaded Board Testing. Contributing authors are affiliated with (in alphabetical order) Agilent, ARM, Balearic Islands Univ., IBM, Inovys, Intel, LogicVision, Magma, Mentor Graphics, New Mexico Univ., Sandia National Labs, Synopsys, Teradyne and Texas Instruments. Advances in Electronic Testing: Challenges and Methodologies is an advanced textbook and reference point for senior undergraduate and graduate students in MSc or PhD tracks, professors and research leaders in the electronic testing domain. It is also for industry design and test engineers and managers seeking a global view and understanding of test technology practices and methodologies and a dense elaboration on test-related issues they face in their development projects. "There is a definite need for documenting the advances in testing … I find the work of this edited volume by Dimitris Gizopoulos and his team of authors to be significant and timely. […] the book provides, besides novel test methodologies, a collective insight into the emerging aspects of testing. This, I think, is beneficial to practicing engineers and researchers both of whom must stay at the forefront of technology. […] This latest addition to the Frontiers Series is destined to serve an important role." From the Foreword by Vishwani D. Agrawal, Consulting Editor, Frontiers in Electronic Testing Book Series.
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