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245 1 0 _aProcess Planning and Scheduling for Distributed Manufacturing
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505 0 _aAn Effective Approach for Distributed Process Planning Enabled by Event-driven Function Blocks -- Web-based Polishing Process Planning Using Data-mining Techniques -- Integration of Rule-based Process Selection with Virtual Machining for Distributed Manufacturing Planning -- CyberCut: A Coordinated Pipeline of Design, Process Planning and Manufacture -- Process Planning, Scheduling and Control for One-of-a-Kind Production -- Setup Planning and Tolerance Analysis -- Scheduling in Holonic Manufacturing Systems -- Agent-based Dynamic Scheduling for Distributed Manufacturing -- A Multi-agent System Implementation of an Evolutionary Approach to Production Scheduling -- Distributed Scheduling in Multiple-factory Production with Machine Maintenance -- Resource Scheduling for a Virtual CIM System -- A Unified Model-based Integration of Process Planning and Scheduling -- A Study on Integrated Process Planning and Scheduling System for Holonic Manufacturing -- Managing Dynamic Demand Events in Semiconductor Manufacturing Chains by Optimal Control Modelling -- A Parameter-perturbation Approach to Replanning Operations -- STEP into Distributed Manufacturing with STEP-NC.
520 _aThe process planning and scheduling issues of intelligent and distributed manufacturing are crucial nowadays due to the need for enterprises to be adaptive, re-configurable, collaborative and flexible enough to support the emergence of worldwide competition and dynamic and mass-customised markets. With this increasing dynamism of decentralised manufacturing systems and processes, more effective and efficient decision-making techniques are needed. Process Planning and Scheduling for Distributed Manufacturing focuses on emerging technologies for distributed intelligent decision-making in process planning and dynamic scheduling. As a collection of chapters on state-of-the-art researches in this area, this book presents a review of several key research areas in process planning and scheduling (e.g., adaptive process planning, dynamic scheduling, and process planning and scheduling integration), and provides an in-depth treatment of particular techniques, from function block enabled process planning to agent-based resource scheduling. Each chapter addresses a specific problem domain and offers practical solutions to solve the problem. Given the essential role manufacturing plays in the economic development of all industrial nations, Process Planning and Scheduling for Distributed Manufacturing will be of interest to academic researchers, practising engineers and graduate students for whom it will provide a better understanding of the present state and future trends of research in this important area.
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