Liddell, Heather.

High-Performance Computing and Networking International Conference and Exhibition HPCN EUROPE 1996 Brussels, Belgium, April 15–19, 1996 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Heather Liddell, Adrian Colbrook, Bob Hertzberger, Peter Sloot. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1996. - XXV, 1044 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1067 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 1067 .

Parallel reservoir simulation based on domain decomposition techniques -- Porting and parallel performance of the industrial CFD code Music -- Parallelisation of an oil reservoir simulation -- Real industrial HPC applications -- Parallelisation of the SWAN surface wave analysis code -- Porting a commercial finite difference time domain Electromagnetic code to a parallel architecture machine -- Porting on parallel platforms of a tool for simulating the effects of lightning strokes on telecommunication buildings: A comparison on preliminary results about performances and accuracy on SIMD and MIMD architectures -- On the use of parallel finite-difference time-domain methods in the modelling of bioelectromagnetic problems -- A comparison of parallel paradigms applied to an industrial code: RADIOSS -- SAMMI: S.A.M.C.E.F. migration onto parallel platforms: Second step -- Experiences and achievements with the parallelization of a large finite element system -- Parallel industrial fluid dynamics and structural mechanics codes -- Towards real CFD simulations on parallel computers in the aeronautic and automotive industry -- Parallel computing for CFD applications in the automotive industry — First experiences -- Parallelisation and performance evaluation of the aeronautical CFD flow code ESAUNA -- Parallel industrial incompressible CFD calculations with HPCN3S -- Experience with parallel computing for the design of transport aircrafts at Aerospatiale -- Interactive anomaly detection in large transaction history databases -- The system management of the ICL GOLDRUSH parallel database server -- Parallel data mining for very large relational databases -- Decision support for management of parallel database systems -- Parallelization of the GROMOS87 molecular dynamics code: An update -- PULSAR: Parallel noise despeckling of SAR images -- RAPT: A parallel radiotherapy treatment planning code -- Constrained migration of an atmospheric circulation model -- Parallelization of a mesoscale atmospheric transport-chemistry model -- Parallel ocean flow computations on a regular and on an irregular grid -- Experiences with asynchronous parallel molecular dynamics simulations -- Affordable overhead in CORRELATE: Comparing two MD simulators -- Efficiency comparison of data-parallel programming and message-passing paradigm for molecular dynamics simulation -- Parallel Monte Carlo simulation of chemical surface reactions: A case study -- Distributed 2-D molecular dynamics simulation on networked workstations and multiprocessors -- General-purpose parallel computing in a high-energy physics experiment at CERN -- Parallel simulation for High Energy Physics -- Focusing of the pulse modulated radiation of a concentric waveguide array in biological tissues: An investigation made feasible by HPC -- Simulating light scattering from micron-sized particles -- Lattice Boltzmann simulations of electrostatic plasma turbulence -- Parallel turbulence simulation based on MPI -- Experiences with HPF for scientific applications -- Ray Tracing for natural scenes in parallel processors -- Microscopic traffic simulations of road networks using high-performance computers -- Parallel computation of spectral portraits on the meiko CS2 -- Active pixel merging on hypercube multicomputers -- Parallel implementation of image reconstruction for the CARABAS long-wave penetrating radar -- COGNITUS — Fast and reliable recognition of handwritten forms based on vector quantisation -- Pilot-implementation of an aerospace design system into a parallel user simulation environment -- Parallelisation of seismic algorithms using PVM and FORGE -- A parallel library for CFD and other grid-based applications -- Implementation of ECEPP-based programs on the IBM SP2 and the SGI Power Challenge computers -- Parallel simulation environment for polymers, DNA and protein molecular chains -- Prediction of properties of chemical elements and combinations -- A benchmark comparison for suitable HPC platforms to solve electrically large planar conducting structures via a Parallel Method of Moments technique -- Computer simulations for the structure and dynamics of large molecules, clusters and solids -- Simulation of ultrafast nonlinear electro-magnetic phenomena on the basis of Maxwell's equations solutions -- Multilevel parallel solution of large, sparse finite element equations from structural analysis -- BLOWPAC project BLOWmolding modelling by PArallel Computing techniques -- Metacomputing for on-line Stability Analysis in power systems: A proposal -- Metacomputing to solve complex computational problems -- Experiences using the European ATM pilot network -- Particles paradigm and optimization problems -- A parallel genetic algorithm for Automatic Generation of Test Sequences for digital circuits -- Radiographic process simulation by integration of Boltzmann equation on SIMD architecture (Quadrics QH4) -- TGEX: A tool for portable parallel and distributed execution of unstructured problems -- Iteration space partitioning -- A tool for the development of structured parallel applications -- Scotch: A software package for static mapping by dual recursive bipartitioning of process and architecture graphs -- Design and implementation of a general purpose parallel programming system -- Software engineering methods for parallel and distributed scientific computing -- A parallel cellular environment for high performance scientific computing -- Parallel performance evaluation: The medea tool -- Parallelizing for a good node performance -- Simulation of scientific programs on parallel architectures -- A load balancing package for domain decomposition on distributed memory systems -- Load balancing by redundant decomposition and mapping -- Two methods for load balanced distributed adaptive integration -- A new approach for load balancing in high performance decision support systems -- PadFEM: A portable parallel FEM-tool -- A hybrid parallel solver for finite element computations -- The finite difference time domain method on a massively parallel computer -- A parallel implicit compressible multidimensional upwind Euler/Navier-Stokes solver on unstructured meshes -- A multiphysics approach to the direct numerical simulation of turbulent flows on parallel computers -- Adaptive parallel multigrid in computational fluid dynamics -- Block ILP ?1 U/(O) preconditioning for a GMRES based Euler/Navier-Stokes solver -- Sequential performance versus scalability: Optimizing parallel LU-decomposition -- Solving traveling salesman problems using a parallel synchronized branch and bound algorithm -- A parallel hot strip mill simulator for testing embedded real-time monitoring systems -- Parallel sparse modified Gram-Schmidt QR decomposition -- Affine data mapping with residual communication optimization: Evaluation of heuristics -- The Remote Computation System -- Conjugate-gradients algorithms on a Cray-T3D -- Semantic computability: A mechanism for the description of test data sets for scaleable information systems -- Intelligent storage devices for scalable information management systems -- Management tools for distributed interoperable environments -- Computational steering -- Image convolutions by quadrics Q1 -- “Vipar” libraries to support distribution and processing of visualization datasets -- Bond — A parallel virtual environment -- Efficient collective communication operations for parallel industrial codes -- Randomized PRAM simulation using T9000 transputers -- Torus-ring-bus connected hierarchic parallel machine -- The impact of communication mechanisms on the performance in a Distributed Virtual Reality System -- Performance prediction and benchmarking: Results from the ALPSTONE project -- ParkBench: Methodology, relations and results -- Evaluation of automatic parallelization strategies for HPF compilers -- Bouclettes: A Fortran loop parallelizer -- Spinning-on-coherency: A new VSM optimisation for write-invalidate -- An RPC facility for PVM -- Debugging massively parallel programs with ATEMPT -- Design level support for parallel and distributed applications -- Sciddle 4.0, or, remote procedure calls in PVM -- LAPACK for Fortran90 compiler -- Realization of an HPF Interface to ScaLAPACK with Redistributions -- Structured parallel programming using MPI -- EC++ — EUROPA parallel C++ a draft definition -- OSSCAR — Object oriented simulation of slotted communication architectures -- Exploration of emerging HPCN technologies for Web-based distributed computing -- Changing technologies of HPC -- Perspectives for high performance computing in workstation networks -- The back-propagation learning algorithm on the Meiko CS-2: Two mapping schemes -- Parallelization of large scale Industrial Aerodynamic applications on the IBM RS/6000 SP -- Benchmarking an intelligent network prototype implemented in parallel Erlang -- A high-performance data mining server -- Using a distributed shared memory for implementing efficient information mediators -- The design of the IRISS parallel database machine -- Performance evaluation of an advanced radar tracking filter on commercially available parallel computers -- A real-time application on the SP2 -- Efficient composition of PVM programs -- Simulation of ATM exchanges on a parallel computer -- Molecular simulation of mixing fluids and microhydrodynamic instabilities -- Computational steering and visualization for multiblock multigrid flow simulations -- Parallel biomolecular simulation: An overview and analysis of important algorithms -- Simulation of high-voltage substations on Parallel Architectures -- Efficient parallel solution of a semiconductor laser array dynamics model -- Network based parallel processing for terrain characterisation on irregularly sampled data -- A parallel algorithm for the optimal power flows problem -- Massively parallel processing (MPP) systems — Commercial reality or scientific curiosity? -- Financial automate.

This comprehensive volume presents the refereed proceedings of the International Conference and Exhibition on High-Performance Computing and Networking, HPCN Europe 1996, held in Brussels, Belgium, in April 1996 under the sponsorship of the CEC. The 175 papers and posters included address all relevant theoretical aspects of HPCN and computational sciences as well as a variety of applicational aspects in numerous fields. The volume is organized in four tracks; industrial applications, general applications, computational science, and computer science aspects of HPCN.


10.1007/3-540-61142-8 doi

Computer science.
Computer Communication Networks.
Software engineering.
Computer software.
Database management.
Computer Science.
Computer Communication Networks.
Special Purpose and Application-Based Systems.
Programming Techniques.
Software Engineering.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Database Management.



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