Rist, Thomas.

Intelligent Virtual Agents 4th International Workshop, IVA 2003, Kloster Irsee, Germany, September 15-17, 2003. Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Thomas Rist, Ruth S. Aylett, Daniel Ballin, Jeff Rickel. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2003. - XVI, 372 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2792 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2792 .

Keynote Speech -- Interactive Pedagogical Drama: Carmen’s Bright IDEAS Assessed -- Interface Agents and Conversational Agents -- Happy Chatbot, Happy User -- Interactive Agents Learning Their Environment -- Socialite in derSpittelberg: Incorporating Animated Conversation into a Web-Based Community-Building Tool -- FlurMax: An Interactive Virtual Agent for Entertaining Visitors in a Hallway -- When H.C. Andersen Is Not Talking Back -- Emotion and Believability -- Emotion in Intelligent Virtual Agents: The Flow Model of Emotion -- The Social Credit Assignment Problem -- Adding the Emotional Dimension to Scripting Character Dialogues -- Synthetic Emotension -- FantasyA – The Duel of Emotions -- Double Bind Situations in Man-Machine Interaction under Contexts of Mental Therapy -- Expressive Animation -- Happy Characters Don’t Feel Well in Sad Bodies! -- Reusable Gestures for Interactive Web Agents -- A Model of Interpersonal Attitude and Posture Generation -- Modelling Gaze Behavior for Conversational Agents -- A Layered Dynamic Emotion Representation for the Creation of Complex Facial Expressions -- Eye-Contact Based Communication Protocol in Human-Agent Interaction -- Embodiment and Situatedness -- Embodied in a Look: Bridging the Gap between Humans and Avatars -- Modeling Accessibility of Embodied Agents for Multi-modal Dialogue in Complex Virtual Worlds -- Bridging the Gap between Language and Action -- VideoDIMs as a Framework for Digital Immortality Applications -- Motion Planning -- Motion Path Synthesis for Intelligent Avatar -- “Is It Within My Reach?” – An Agents Perspective -- Simulating Virtual Humans Across Diverse Situations -- A Model for Generating and Animating Groups of Virtual Agents -- Scripting Choreographies -- Behavioral Animation of Autonomous Virtual Agents Helped by Reinforcement Learning -- Modells, Architectures, and Tools -- Designing Commercial Applications with Life-like Characters -- Comparing Different Control Architectures for Autobiographic Agents in Static Virtual Environments -- KGBot: A BDI Agent Deploying within a Complex 3D Virtual Environment -- Using the BDI Architecture to Produce Autonomous Characters in Virtual Worlds -- Programmable Agent Perception in Intelligent Virtual Environments -- Mediating Action and Music with Augmented Grammars -- Charisma Cam: A Prototype of an Intelligent Digital Sensory Organ for Virtual Humans -- Mobile and Portable IVAs -- Life-like Characters for the Personal Exploration of Active Cultural Heritage -- Agent Chameleons: Virtual Agents Real Intelligence -- A Scripting Language for Multimodal Presentation on Mobile Phones -- Narration and Storytelling -- Interacting with Virtual Agents in Mixed Reality Interactive Storytelling -- An Autonomous Real-Time Camera Agent for Interactive Narratives and Games -- Solving the Narrative Paradox in VEs – Lessons from RPGs -- That’s My Point! Telling Stories from a Virtual Guide Perspective -- Virtual Actors in Interactivated Storytelling -- Symbolic Acting in a Virtual Narrative Environment -- Enhancing Believability Using Affective Cinematography -- Agents with No Aims: Motivation-Driven Continuous Planning -- Evaluation and Design Methodologies -- Analysis of Virtual Agent Communities by Means of AI Techniques and Visualization -- Persona Effect Revisited -- Effects of Embodied Interface Agents and Their Gestural Activity -- Embodiment and Interaction Guidelines for Designing Credible, Trustworthy Embodied Conversational Agents -- Animated Characters in Bullying Intervention -- Embodied Conversational Agents: Effects on Memory Performance and Anthropomorphisation -- Agents across Cultures -- Education and Training -- Steve Meets Jack: The Integration of an Intelligent Tutor and a Virtual Environment with Planning Capabilities -- Machiavellian Characters and the Edutainment Paradox -- Socially Intelligent Tutor Agents -- Multimodal Training Between Agents -- Posters -- Intelligent Camera Direction in Virtual Storytelling -- Exploring an Agent-Driven 3D Learning Environment for Computer Graphics Education -- An Efficient Synthetic Vision System for 3D Multi-character Systems -- Avatar Arena: Virtual Group-Dynamics in Multi-character Negotiation Scenarios -- Emotional Behaviour Animation of Virtual Humans in Intelligent Virtual Environments -- Empathic Virtual Agents -- Improving Reinforcement Learning Algorithm Using Emotions in a Multi-agent System.

This volume, containing the proceedings of IVA 2003, held at Kloster Irsee, in Germany, September 15–17, 2003, is testimony to the growing importance of IntelligentVirtualAgents(IVAs) asaresearch?eld.Wereceived67submissions, nearly twice as many as for IVA 2001, not only from European countries, but from China, Japan, and Korea, and both North and South America. As IVA research develops, a growing number of application areas and pl- forms are also being researched. Interface agents are used as part of larger - plications, often on the Web. Education applications draw on virtual actors and virtual drama, while the advent of 3D mobile computing and the convergence of telephones and PDAs produce geographically-aware guides and mobile - tertainment applications. A theme that will be apparent in a number of the papers in this volume is the impact of embodiment on IVA research – a char- teristic di?erentiating it to some extent from the larger ?eld of software agents.


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Computer science.
Information systems.
Artificial intelligence.
Computer Science.
Artificial Intelligence (incl. Robotics).
Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet).
User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction.
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