Ibrahim, Raouf A.

Vibro-Impact Dynamics of Ocean Systems and Related Problems [electronic resource] / edited by Raouf A. Ibrahim, Vladimir I. Babitsky, Masaaki Okuma. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2009. - X, 288 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics, 44 1613-7736 ; . - Lecture Notes in Applied and Computational Mechanics, 44 .

Nonlinear Dynamics of an Impact Object on an Oscillating Plate -- Elastic Identification of Composite Materials from Vibration Test Data of Thin and Thick Plates -- Foundations for Design of Vibro-Safe Hand-Held Percussion Machines -- Ship Roll Motion under Stochastic Agencies Using Path Integral Method -- Control of Instabilities Induced by Low-Velocity Collisions in a Vibro-Impacting System with Friction -- Hydrodynamic Impact-Induced Vibration Characteristics of a Uniform Euler-Bernoulli Beam -- Random Vibrations with Inelastic Impacts -- Performance of a Bi-unit Damper Using Digital Image Processing -- Dynamics of an Impacting Spherical Pendulum -- Elastic and Inelastic Impact Interaction of Ship Roll Dynamics with Floating Ice -- Periodic Motion Stability of a Dual-Disk Rotor System with Rub-Impact at Fixed Limiter -- A Theory of Cavitation Erosion in Metals Based on the Concept of Impact Fatigue -- Sloshing-Slamming Dynamics – S 2 – Analogy for Tuned Liquid Dampers -- A Dynamic Model and a Robust Controller for a Fully Actuated Marine Surface Vessel -- Random Rocking Dynamics of a Multidimensional Structure -- Dynamic Response of a Marine Vessel Due to Wave-Induced Slamming -- Complex Structure of Periodic Orbits in an Oscillator with a Vibro-Impact Attachment -- Switching and Stick Motions in an Extended Fermi-Acceleration Oscillator -- Vibro-Impact Models for Smooth Non-linear Systems -- Low Frequency Noise and Vibration Analysis of Boat Based on Experiment-Based Substructure Modeling and Synthesis -- Non Linear Dynamic Behaviour of an One-Sided Hertzian Contact Excited by an External Gaussian White Noise Normal Excitation -- On Impacts with Friction in Engineering Systems -- Impact Mode Superpositions and Parameter Variations -- The Evolution of Analytical Treatments of Vibro-Impact Oscillators -- Analysis of Damage Propagation in Single Lap Joints in Impact Fatigue -- Some Non-smooth Dynamical Systems in Offshore Mechanics -- Effect of More Accurate Hydrodynamic Modeling on Calculating Critical Nonlinear Ship Rolling Response -- Discontinuity Mapping for Near-Grazing Dynamics in Vibro-Impact Oscillators.

The aim of this International Symposium on Dynamics of Vibro-Impact Systems is to provide a forum for the discussion of recent developments in the theory and industrial applications of vibro-impact ocean systems. A special effort has been made to invite active researchers from engineering, science, and applied mathematics communities. This symposium has indeed updated engineers with recent analytical developments of vibro-impact dynamics and at the same time allowed engineers and industrial practitioners to alert mathematicians with their unresolved issues. The symposium was held in Troy, Michigan, during the period October 1-3, 2008. It included 28 presentations grouped as follows: The first group comprises of nine papers dealing with the interaction of ocean systems with slamming waves and floating ice. It also covers related topics such as sloshing-slamming dynamics, and non-smooth dynamics associated with offshore structures. Moreover, it includes control issues pertaining to marine surface vessels. The second group consists of fifteen papers treats the interaction of impact systems with friction and their control, Hertzian contact dynamics, parameter variation in vibro-impact oscillators, random excitation of vibro-impact systems, vibro-impact dampers, oscillators with a bouncing ball, limiting phase trajectory corresponding to energy exchange between the oscillator and external source, frequency-energy distribution in oscillators with impacts, and discontinuity mapping. The third group is covered in four papers and addresses some industrial applications such as hand-held percussion machines, rub-impact dynamics of rotating machinery, impact fatigue in joint structures.


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Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control.
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