Leyton, Michael.

Process Grammar: The Basis of Morphology [electronic resource] / by Michael Leyton. - New York, NY : Springer New York, 2012. - XVIII, 546 p. online resource.

1. Fundamental Theorem of Morphology -- 2. Generative Theory of Shape -- 3. Process Grammar -- 4. Pair-Creation -- 5. Process-Theory of Parts (1) -- 6. Process-Theory of Parts (2) -- 7. The Inadequacy of Catastrophe Theory for Morphology -- 8. Interactive Singularity Theory -- 9 The Structure of Interaction -- 10. Operators B and C in the Interactive Unfoldings of EA3 and EA-3 -- 11 Operator π in the Interactive Unfoldings of EA3 and EA-3 -- 12 Operators CC and [C(4)B] in the Interactive Unfoldings of EA3 and EA-3 -- 13 Five-Fold Part-Formation Operators in the Symmetry-Restricted Interactive Unfoldings of EA5 and EA-5.

Leyton's Process Grammar has been applied by scientists and engineers in many disciplines including medical diagnosis, geology, computer-aided design, meteorology, biological anatomy, neuroscience, chemical engineering, etc.  This book demonstrates the following: The Process Grammar invents several entirely new concepts in biological morphology and manufacturing design, and shows that these concepts are fundamentally important. The Process Grammar has process-inference rules that give, to morphological transitions, powerful new causal explanations.  Remarkably, the book gives a profound unification of biological morphology and vehicle design. The book invents over 30 new CAD operations that realize fundamentally important functions of a product. A crucial fact is that the Process Grammar is an example of the laws in Leyton's Generative Theory of Shape which give the ability to recover the design intents for which the shape features of a CAD model were created. The book demonstrates that the Process Grammar recovers important design intents in biological morphology and manufacturing design. In large-scale manufacturing systems, the recovery of design intents is important for solving the interoperability problem and product lifecycle management. This book is one of a series of books in Springer that elaborates Leyton's Generative Theory of Shape.


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