Kozłowski, Krzysztof.

Robot Motion and Control 2011 [electronic resource] / edited by Krzysztof Kozłowski. - London : Springer London, 2012. - XXIV, 420p. 206 illus., 62 illus. in color. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, 422 0170-8643 ; . - Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences, 422 .

Part I: Control of Nonholonomic Systems -- Geometrical Properties of Aircraft Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Trajectory Arcs -- Identification of a UAV Model for Control -- Finite-time VFO Stabilizers for the Unicycle with Constrained Control Input -- Nonsmooth Stabilizer for Three Link Nonholonomic Manipulator Using Polar-like Coordinate Representation -- Kinematic Tracking Controller for Unicycle Mobile Robot Based on Polar-like Representation and Lyuapunov Analysis -- Trajectory Tracking for Formation of Mobile Robots -- Part II New Control Algorithms for Robot Manipulators -- Feedback Stabilization of a System of Rigid Bodies with a Flexible Beam -- Application of the Return Method to the Steering of Nonlinear Systems -- Application of Robust Fixed Point Transformations for Technological Operation of Robots -- Fixed Point Transformations in the Adaptive Control of Fractional-order MIMO Systems -- Fractional-order Mathematical Model of Pneumatic Muscle Drive for Robotic Applications -- Combinatorial Control Systems -- Computational Algebra Support for the Chen–Fleiss–Sussmann Differential Equation -- Part III: Control of Walking Robots -- Biologically Inspired Motor Control for Underactuated Robots – Trends and Challenges -- Adaptation of a Six-legged Walking Robots to Its Local Environment -- Development of Two-legged Robots -- Quadruped Walking Robot WR-06 – Design, Control and Sensor Subsystems -- Population-based Methods for Identification and Optimization of a Walking Robot Model -- Static Equilibrium Condition for a Multi-leg, Stairs Climbing Walking Robot -- Part IV: Compliant Motion and Manipulation -- Human-Aware Interaction Control of Robot Manipulators Based on Force and Vision -- Specification of Multi-robot Controllers on an Example of a Haptic Device -- Characterization of the Dynamical Model of a Force Sensor for Robot Manipulators -- Inverse Kinematics for Object Manipulation with Redundant Multi-fingered Robots Hands -- Compliant Motion Control for Safe Human Robot Interaction -- Part V: Trajectory Planning Issues for Nonholonomic Systems -- Nonholonomic Motion Planning of Mobile Robots -- Minimum-Time Velocity Planning with Arbitrary Boundary Conditions -- Motion Planning for Highly Constrained Spaces -- RRT-path – A Guided Rapidly Explored Random Tree -- Part VI: New Trends in Localization Methods -- Position Estimation Techniques for Mobile Robots -- Particle Filtering with Range Data Association for Mobile Robot Localization in Environments with Repetitive Geometry -- Observable Formulation SLAM Implementation -- Estimation of Velocity Components Using Optical Flow and Inner Product -- Part VII: Sensors and New Challenges in Design of Modular Robots -- Acoustic Coupling on the Robot Motion and Control -- Design of a Planar High Precision Motion Stage -- Hexa Platform as Active Environment System -- A Modular Concept for a Biologically Inspired Robot -- Control System for Designed Mobile Robot – Project, Implementation and Tests -- Team of Specialized Mobile Robots for Group Inspection of Large-Area Technical Objects -- Part VIII: Applications of Robotic Systems -- Muscle Text and Excersise System for Upper Limbs Using 3D Force Display Robots -- Test on Cardiosurgical Robot RobIn Heart 3 -- Ankle Robot for People with Drop Foot – Case Study -- Evolution of a Useful Autonomous System -- Obstacle Handling of the Holonomic-driven Interactive Behaviour-operated Shopping Trolley InBot.

Robot Motion Control 2011 presents very recent results in robot motion and control. Forty short papers have been chosen from those presented at the sixth International Workshop on Robot Motion and Control held in Poland in June 2011. The authors of these papers have been carefully selected and represent leading institutions in this field. The following recent developments are discussed: • Design of trajectory planning schemes for holonomic and nonholonomic systems with optimization of energy, torque limitations and other factors. • New control algorithms for industrial robots, nonholonomic systems and legged robots. • Different applications of robotic systems in industry and everyday life, like medicine, education, entertainment and others. • Multiagent systems consisting of mobile and flying robots with their applications The book is suitable for graduate students of automation and robotics, informatics and management, mechatronics, electronics and production engineering systems as well as scientists and researchers working in these fields.


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