Hiermaier, Stefan.

Predictive Modeling of Dynamic Processes A Tribute to Professor Klaus Thoma / [electronic resource] : edited by Stefan Hiermaier. - Boston, MA : Springer US, 2009. - XX, 460p. 200 illus. in color. online resource.

I Simulation of Automotive Crash Processes -- Simulation of Recoverable Foams under Impact Loading -- The Numerical Simulation of Foam – An Example of Inter-Industrial Synergy -- Influence of Hardening Relations on Forming Limit Curves Predicted by the Theory of Marciniak, Kuczyński, and Pokora -- The Challenge to Predict Material Failure in Crashworthiness Applications: Simulation of Producibility to Serviceability -- Cohesive Zone Modeling for Adhesives -- Modeling the Plasticity of Various Material Classes with a Single Quadratic Yield Function -- On the Computation of a Generalised Dynamic J-Integral and its Application to the Durability of Steel Structures -- II Numerical Modeling of Blast and Impact Phenomena -- The MAX-Analysis: New Computational and Post-Processing Procedures for Vehicle Safety Analysis -- 10 Years RHT: A Review of Concrete Modelling and Hydrocode Applications -- Numerical Simulations of the Penetration of Glass Using Two Pressure-Dependent Constitutive Models -- On the main mechanisms in ballistic perforation of steel plates at sub-ordnance impact velocities -- Dimensioning of concrete walls against small calibre impact including models for deformable penetrators and the scattering of experimental results -- Numerical Analysis of Fluiddynamic Instabilities and Pressure Fluctuations in the Near Field of a Detonation -- Numerical Simulation of Muzzle Exit and Separation Process for Sabot–Guided Projectiles at M > 1 -- Numerical Analysis of the Supercavitating Flow about blunt Bodies -- Numerical Analysis Method for the RC Structures Subjected to Aircraft Impact and HE Detonation -- Groundshock Displacements–Experiment and Simulation -- III Numerical Simulation of Hypervelocity Impact Effects -- Hypervelocity Impact Induced ShockWaves and Related Equations of State -- Artificial Viscosity Methods forModelling Shock Wave Propagation -- Review of Development of the Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method -- Assessing the Resiliency of Composite Structural Systems and Materials Used in Earth-Orbiting Spacecraft to Hypervelocity Projectile Impact -- Numerical Simulation in Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris Risk Assessment -- Numerical Modeling of Crater Formation by Meteorite Impact and Nuclear Explosion.

Predictive Modeling of Dynamic Processes provides an overview of numerical simulation technology, applicable to a variety of industries and areas of engineering design. Covering automotive crash, blast, impact, and hypervelocity impact phenomena, this volume offers readers an in-depth explanation of the simulation potential for research and development. Chapters include informative introductions to each topic, and explain the specific requirements pertaining to a predictive numerical methodology. Successfully blending basics of material modeling, crash simulation and impact engineering, this volume fills a gap in the current competing literature available.


10.1007/978-1-4419-0727-1 doi

Computer simulation.
Surfaces (Physics).
Continuum Mechanics and Mechanics of Materials.
Simulation and Modeling.
Characterization and Evaluation of Materials.
Automotive Engineering.
Aerospace Technology and Astronautics.

TA405-409.3 QA808.2


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