Balachandar, S.

IUTAM Symposium on Computational Approaches to Multiphase Flow Proceedings of an IUTAM Symposium held at Argonne National Laboratory, October 4–7, 2004 / [electronic resource] : edited by S. Balachandar, A. Prosperetti. - Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2006. - X, 450 p. online resource. - Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 81 0926-5112 ; . - Fluid Mechanics and Its Applications, 81 .

Point Particle Approach -- An Updated Classification Map of Particle-Laden Turbulent Flows -- On Fluid-Particle and Particle-Particle Interactons in Gas-Solid Turbulent Channel Flow -- Simulation of Particle Diffusion, Segregation, and Intermittency in Turbulent Flows -- Use of a Stochastic Method to Describe Dispersion and Deposition in an Idealized Annular Flow -- On Momentum Coupling Methods for Calculation of Turbulence Attenuation in Dilute Particle-Laden Gas Flows -- Multifractal Concentrations of Heavy Particles in Random Flows -- Turbulence Modulation by Micro-Particles in Boundary Layers -- Stochastic Diffusion of Finite Inertia Particles in Non-Homogeneous Turbulence -- Accumulation of Heavy Particles in Bounded Vortex Flow -- Lattice-Boltzmann and Molecular Dynamic Simulations -- A Numerical Study of Planar Wave Instabilities in Liquid-Fluidized Beds -- Lattice Boltzmann Simulations to Determine Forces Acting on Non-Spherical Particles -- Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Drop Motion on Uniform and Non-Uniform Solid Surfaces -- Fluctuating Immersed Material (FIMAT) Dynamics for the Direct Simulation of the Brownian Motion of Particles -- A Novel Definition of the Local and Instantaneous Liquid-Vapor Interface -- Fully-Resolved Multi-Particle Simulations -- DNS of Collective Behavior of Solid Particles in a Homogeneous Field -- Proteus—A New Computational Scheme for Deformable Particles and Particle Interaction Problems -- An Explicit Finite-Difference Scheme for Simulation of Moving Particles -- Use of Variable-Density Flow Solvers for Fictitious-Domain Computations of Dispersed Solid Particles in Liquid Flow -- 3D Unsteady Simulation of Particle Sedimentation towards High Regimes -- Microstructural Effects in a Fully-Resolved Simulation of 1,024 Sedimenting Spheres -- A DNS Approach Dedicated to the Analysis of Fluidized Beds -- Performance of Various Fluid-Solid Coupling Methods for DNS of Particulate Flow -- Numerical Study of Particle Migration in Tube and Plane Poiseuille Flows -- New Advances in Force-Coupling Method: From Micro to Macro -- Treatment of Particle Collisions in Direct Numerical Simulations of High Speed Compressible Flows -- Free Surface Flows, Drops and Bubbles -- Struggling with Boundary Layers and Wakes of High-Reynolds-Number Bubbles -- Direct Numerical Simulations of Bubbly Flows -- Direct Numerical Simulation of Droplet Formation and Breakup -- A Sharp-Interface Cartesian Grid Method for Computations of Droplet Impact and Spreading on Surfaces of Arbitrary Shape -- A Finite-Volume/Front-TrackingMethod for Computations of Multiphase Flows in Complex Geometries -- The Effect of Surfactant on Rising Bubbles -- Numerical Simulation of Shock Propagation in Bubbly Liquids by the Front Tracking Method -- Large-Eddy Simulation of Steep Water Waves -- Adaptive Characteristics-Based Matching (aCBM): A Method for Interfacial Dynamics in Compressible Multiphase Flows -- Compressible Multi-Hydrodynamics (CMH): Breakup, Mixing, and Dispersal of Liquids/Solids in High Speed Flows -- Large Eddy Simulations, Applications and Other Physics -- On Stochastic Modeling of Heavy Particle Dispersion in Large-Eddy Simulation of Two-Phase Turbulent Flow -- Flow of Bubbly Liquids in a Vertical Pipe: Theory and Experiments -- Effect of Particle Inertia in Particulate Density Currents -- Modeling Finite-Size Effects in LES/DNS of Two-Phase Flows -- Lagrangian Aspects to Multiphase Flows -- Effect of Fluid Velocity Fluctuations on the Dynamics of a Sheared Gas-Particle Suspension -- Prediction of Particle Laden Turbulent Channel Flow Using One-Dimensional Turbulence.

This volume contains a large fraction of the papers presented at a symposium on Computational Approaches to Disperse Multiphase Flow, sponsored by the Inter- tional Union of Theoretical and Applied Mechanicsand generouslysupportedby the Of?ce of Basic Energy Sciences of the US Department of Energy. The symposium, which attracted about 90 participantsfrom?fteen differentcountries,was held at - gonne National Laboratory on October 4–7, 2004. There were 48 oral presentations and an additional 17 poster papers. Togetherwith experimentandtheory,computationhasbeenfora longtime an- tegralcomponentofmultiphase?owresearch. Astrikingfeaturecommontomost- pers presented at the symposium was the power, maturity and sophistication reached by this approach. Afewpapersconclusivelydemonstratethat,forsomeproblems,computingisthe only means by which key physical phenomena can be elucidated. A prime example is the analysis of Leonardo’s paradox, i. e. , the instability of the rectilinear path of an ascending bubble. The explanation of the phenomenon rests on computations in which the bubble shape is constrained to remain spheroidal with a varying ecce- ricity – not a situation amenable to experiment, but a key step in understanding the physics. Another case in point is the study of the detailed action of surfactants at the surface of a rising bubble. While the general physical mechanism at work has been known for some time, this is the ?rst visualization of the microphysical processes acting at the bubble surface and their impact on the local ?ow ?eld. It is also interesting to realize that computation may be the key to interpreting experimental results.


10.1007/1-4020-4977-3 doi

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