Klarbring, Anders.

Models of Mechanics [electronic resource] / by Anders Klarbring. - Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2006. - XII, 204 p. online resource.

General Background -- Open scheme -- Basic Models: Geometry and Universal Laws -- Bodies and Their Placements in ? -- Discrete Model -- One-Dimensional Model -- Pipe Flow -- Three-Dimensional Model -- Complete Models by Adding Particular Laws -- Particular Laws -- Small Displacement Models -- Pipe Flow Models -- Models of Fluid Mechanics -- Kinematic Constraints, Beams and Rigid Bodies.

This isatextbook onmodels andmodelling inmechanics. The term model, or more precisely mathematical model, refers to a mathematical problem with an observational or experimental connection to the real physical world. By modelling is meant the intellectual process of obtaining a model. Mechanics inthiscontextinvolvesnotonlythemechanicsofmasspointsandrigidbodies, but also continuum mechanics of solids and ?uids as well as traditional en- neering mechanics of beams, cables, pipe ?ow and wave propagation. Thus, thetextmay be conceived as having an unusually largescopeonrelatively few pages; this is made possible througha uni?ed approach provided by the open scheme of classical mechanics. The open scheme consists of concepts of time and space together with universal laws of mass conservation, and linear and angular momenta. By this an almost algorithmic approach to modelling emerges,whichformsthe connectingthread ofthetext. Thisuni?ed approach toengineering mechanics in a broad sense may bethe most important novel featureofthisbook. Thebookiswritten at anintermediate level. An extensive and ideal ba- ground is basic courses in engineering mechanics, mechanics of materials, structural mechanics and ?uid mechanics, as well as applied courses in the machine design or the civil engineering areas. A student having part of such a backgroundwill heregetthe knowledgethatmakesit possibletoorganizeand structure more e?ectively what she has learnt before, as well as a platform for studying and deriving new models.


10.1007/1-4020-4835-1 doi

Engineering mathematics.
Mechanics, applied.
Mechanical engineering.
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Applications of Mathematics.
Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering.



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