Bendsøe, Martin Philip.

IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design Optimization of Structures, Machines and Materials Status and Perspectives / [electronic resource] : edited by Martin Philip Bendsøe, Niels Olhoff, Ole Sigmund. - Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2006. - XIII, 608 p. online resource. - Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 137 0925-0042 ; . - Solid Mechanics and Its Applications, 137 .

Level Sets, FEM and Sound -- Coupling the Level Set Method and the Topological Gradient in Structural Optimization -- Parametric Shape and Topology Optimization with Radial Basis Functions -- Generalized Shape Optimization Using X-FEM and Level Set Methods -- Topology Design of Three-Dimensional Structures Using Hybrid Finite Elements -- Topology Optimization of Vibrating Bi-Material Structures with Respect to Sound Radiation -- Classics Revisited -- Force Fields within Michell-Like Cantilevers Transmitting a Point Load to a Straight Support -- Reflections on Truss and Continuum Topology Optimal Designs -- Some Basic Issues of Topology Optimization -- Composites and Cellular Structures -- On Discrete Material Optimization of Laminated Composites Using Global and Local Criteria -- Analysis and Continuum Topology Optimization of Periodic Solids with Linearized Elastic Buckling Criterion -- Design of Cellular Structure for Optimum Efficiency of Heat Dissipation -- Layout of Tileable Multistable Structures Using Topology Optimization -- Topology Optimization of Dispersion Properties in Optical Fibres -- Optimal Design with Small Contrast -- Eigenfrequency and Buckling Optimization of Laminated Composite Shell Structures Using Discrete Material Optimization -- Effect of Internal Length Scale on Optimal Topologies for Cosserat Continua -- Mathematical Programming and Modelling -- Cellular Automata Paradigm for Topology Optimisation -- A one Shot Approach to Topology Optimization with Local Stress Constraints -- A Concept for Global Optimization of Topology Design Problems -- Image Processing Ideas and Level Sets -- Impedance Imaging for Inhomogeneities of Low Volume Fraction -- The Phase-Field Method in Optimal Design -- Level Set Based Shape Optimization of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures -- Industry and Software -- Industrial Implementation and Applications of Topology Optimization and Future Needs -- Recent Developments in the Commercial Implementation of Topology Optimization -- Mechanisms and Multiphysics -- Configuration Design of Rigid Link Mechanisms by an Optimization Method: A First Step -- The Pressure Load Problem Re-Visited -- Topology Optimization in Magnetic Fields -- Electro-Mechanical Topology Optimization Considering Non-Matching Meshes -- Waves -- Structural Topology Optimization of Mechanical Resonators, Actuators and Sensors -- Topology Optimization of Wave Transducers -- Optimal Mode Coupling in Simple Planar Waveguides -- Geometry Modelling -- Topology Optimization by Penalty (TOP) Method -- Topology Optimization with CAMD for Structures Undergoing Finite Deformation -- Spectral Level Set Methodology in the Design of a Morphing Airfoil -- Acoustics and Fluids and Actuators -- Topology Optimization for Acoustic-Structure Interaction Problems -- Topology Optimization of Mass Distribution Problems in Stokes Flow -- Topology Optimization for Acoustic Problems -- Topology Optimization of Wave-Propagation Problems -- Topology Optimization of Piezoelectric Actuators Considering Geometric Nonlinearities -- Mathematical Programming Issues -- The Worst-Case Multiple Load FMO Problem Revisited -- Simultaneous Optimization of Truss Topology and Geometry, Revisited -- Topology Optimization by Sequential Integer Linear Programming -- Bio -- Bio-Inspired Material Design and Optimization -- Protein Sequence Design on the Basis of Topology Optimization Techniques -- Topological Derivatives, Reliability, and Other Features -- Topological-Shape Sensitivity Method: Theory and Applications -- Topological Derivatives for Contact Problems -- Reliability-Based Topology Optimization (RBTO) -- A Feature-Based Structural Topology Optimization Method -- Composites and Graded Materials -- Design of Fiber Reinforced Shafts Subject to Local Stress Constraints Through Inverse Homogenization -- Hierarchical Optimization of Material and Structure for Thermal Transient Problems -- Optimization of Foam Filled Structures Using Gradient Algorithms -- Fluids and Materials -- The Darcy-Stokes Topology Optimization Problem -- Topology Optimization of Fluid Problems by the Lattice Boltzmann Method -- A Class of Optimal Two-Dimensional Multimaterial Conducting Laminates -- New Approaches -- Multidisciplinary Topology Design and Partial Differential Games -- Coupling Topological Gradient and Gauss-Newton Method.

This book contains the refereed and edited versions of papers presented at the IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design Optimization of Structures, - chines and Materials: Status and Perspectives, held at Rungstedgaard, near Copenhagen, Denmark, October 26–29, 2005. The symposium was attended by 74 scientists from 19 countries, and the programme was intensive and - cluded also two evenings for presentations and discussions. It is now more than 15 years ago that the so-called homogenization method was proposed as a basis for computational means to optimize the topology and shape of continuum structures. From initially being capable mainly of treating minimum compliance design we now see the basic material distribution idea of the methodology applied to a wide range of structural and mechanical pr- lems as well as to problems that couple structural response to other physical responses. Also, the method has provided insight for micro-mechanical st- ies, meaning that the method has given feedback to the area which provided impetus to the ?eld of topological design optimization in its creation. Finally, topological design is now an integral part of most FEM software systems and it has become a standard industrial tool in some ?elds. The IUTAM Symposium provided a forum for the exchange of ideas for - ture developments in the area of topological design optimization. This enc- passed the application to ?uid-solid interaction problems, acoustics problems, and to problems in biomechanics, as well as to other multiphysics problems.


10.1007/1-4020-4752-5 doi

Mathematical optimization.
Engineering mathematics.
Mechanics, applied.
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Appl.Mathematics/Computational Methods of Engineering.
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