Du, Ding-Zhu.

Computing and Combinatorics First Annual International Conference, COCOON '95 Xi'an, China, August 24–26, 1995 Proceedings / [electronic resource] : edited by Ding-Zhu Du, Ming Li. - Berlin, Heidelberg : Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 1995. - XIV, 662 p. online resource. - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 959 0302-9743 ; . - Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 959 .

The complexity of mean payoff games -- Approximation of coNP sets by NP-complete sets -- How to draw a planar clustered graph -- An efficient orthogonal grid drawing algorithm for cubic graphs -- Constrained independence system and triangulations of planar point sets -- Three dimensional weak visibility: Complexity and applications -- Rectangulating rectilinear polygons in parallel -- Efficient randomized incremental algorithm for the closest pair problem using Leafary trees -- Testing containment of object-oriented conjunctive queries is ? 2 p -hard -- Computing infinite relations using finite expressions: A new approach to the safety issue in relational databases -- Set-term unification in a logic database language -- Computations with finite closure systems and implications -- Maximum tree-packing in time O(n5/2) -- Optimal algorithms for finding connected components of an unknown graph -- The multi-weighted spanning tree problem -- Algorithmic graph embeddings -- Analysis of quorum-based protocols for distributed (k+1)-exclusion -- A highly fault-tolerant quorum consensus method for managing replicated data -- Constructing Craig interpolation formulas -- Currying of order-sorted term rewriting systems -- Stack and queue number of 2-trees -- Shortest paths in random weighted graphs -- Simple reduction of f-colorings to edge-colorings -- Output-size sensitiveness of OBDD construction through maximal independent set problem -- Small weight bases for hamming codes -- Toeplitz words, generalized periodicity and periodically iterated morphisms -- A construction for enumerating k-coloured Motzkin paths -- On public-key cryptosystem based on Church-Rosser string-rewriting systems -- Extending the Hong-Kung model to memory hierarchies -- On log-time alternating Turing machines of alternation depth k -- New bound for affine resolvable designs and its application to authentication codes -- Dense packings of 3k(k+1)+1 equal disks in a circle for k = 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 -- Efficient parallel algorithms for some tree layout problems -- Conservative algorithms for parallel and sequential integer sorting -- An optimal algorithm for proper learning of unions of two rectangles with queries -- Disjunctions of negated counting functions are efficiently learnable with equivalence queries -- Non-empty cross-3-intersection theorems of subsets -- Convexity of minimal total dominating functions in graphs -- Transformations for maximal planar graphs with minimum degree five -- An asynchronous parallel method for linear systems -- On a kind of sequence of polynomials -- Hamiltonian cycles in 2-generated Cayley digraphs of abelian groups -- Pandiagonal magic squares -- PFFM and Quasi-Morishima matrices -- Edge-face total chromatic number of outerplanar graphs with ? (G)=6 -- Sets computable in polynomial time on average -- Rankable distributions do not provide harder instances than uniform distributions -- Transformations that preserve malignness of universal distributions -- Intersection suffices for Boolean hierarchy equivalence -- A 2 3 log 3-competitive algorithm for the counterfeit coin problem -- Searching rigid data structures -- A better subgraph of the minimum weight triangulation -- Sequence decomposition method for computing a Gröbner basis and its application to bivariate spline -- A broadcasting algorithm on the arrangement graph -- A fast maximum finding algorithm on broadcast communication -- Broadcasting in general networks I: Trees -- Uni-directional alternating group graphs -- On separating proofs of knowledge from proofs of membership of languages and its application to secure identification schemes -- Compact location problems with budget and communication constraints -- Minimum dominating sets of intervals on lines -- Two-dimensional pattern matching on a dynamic library of texts -- Structure in approximation classes -- Improved lower bounds for the randomized Boppana-Halldórsson algorithm for MAXCLIQUE -- MNP: A class of NP optimization problems -- Semidefinite programming and its applications to NP problems -- Analysis and experimentation on list update algorithms -- An exact branch and bound algorithm for the Steiner Problem in Graphs -- A physical model for the satisfiability problem -- An efficient algorithm for local testability problem of finite state automata -- Scheduling task-tree with additive scales on parallel/distributed machines -- Single-vehicle scheduling problem on a straight line with time window constraints -- An on-line algorithm for some uniform processor Scheduling -- An algebraic characterization of tractable constraints -- Limit property of unbalanced development in economic network -- Document processing, theory, and practice -- Matching and comparing sequences in molecular biology -- Primal-dual schema based approximation algorithms.

This book constitutes the proceedings of the First Annual International Conference on Computing and Combinatorics, COCOON '95, held in Xi'an, China in August 1995. The 52 thoroughly refereed full papers and the 22 short presentations included in this volume were selected from a total of 120 submissions. All current aspects of theoretical computer science and combinatorial mathematics related to computing are addressed; in particular, there are sections on complexity theory, graph drawing, computational geometry, databases, graph algorithms, distributed programming and logic, combinatorics, machine models, combinatorial designs, algorithmic learning, algorithms, distributed computing, and scheduling.


10.1007/BFb0030813 doi

Computer science.
Computer software.
Computer graphics.
Computer Science.
Algorithm Analysis and Problem Complexity.
Computation by Abstract Devices.
Computer Graphics.
Mathematical Logic and Formal Languages.



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