Rauch, Sébastien.

Urban Environment Proceedings of the 10th Urban Environment Symposium / [electronic resource] : edited by Sébastien Rauch, Gregory M. Morrison. - Dordrecht : Springer Netherlands, 2012. - X, 450 p. online resource. - Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries, Science and Technology: Tools for Sustainable Development, 19 1571-4780 ; . - Alliance for Global Sustainability Bookseries, Science and Technology: Tools for Sustainable Development, 19 .

SUSTAINABLE URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND URBAN PLANNING: Transport and Environmental Regulation -Common attitudes and social change, by A. Abidi --  Environmental impact assessment of urban mobility plan: a methodology including socioeconomic consequences, by  P. Mestayer, A. Abidi, M.André et al. -- Assessment model of territorial articulation in rural areas. Application to four Spanish “comarcas”, by A. Tolón-Becerra, I. Otero-Pastor, X. Lastra-Bravo, P. Pérez-Martínez --  Model of territorial distribution of CO2 emissions reduction target in the transport sector, by A. Tolón-Becerra, P. Pérez-Martínez, X. Lastra-Bravo, I. Otero-Pastor -- Impact of land use and transport policies on carbon emissions in London and Wider South East Region of UK, by A. Namdeo, G. Mitchell, T. Hargreaves -- Carbon sequestration in shrinking cities – potential or a drop in the ocean?, by M.W. Strohbach, E. Arnold, S. Vollrodt, D. Haase -- Urban Sprawl, Food Security and Sustainability of Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, by Irham --  The Local Food System as a Strategy for the Rural-Urban Fringe Planning – a Pathway towards Sustainable City Regions, by D.W. Adrianto -- AIR QUALITY AND HUMAN HEALTH: A case study of chemical weather forecasting in the area of Vienna, Austria, by M. Hirtl, M. Piringer, B.C. Krüger --  Micrometeorological effects on urban sound propagation: A numerical and experimental study, by G. Guillaume, C. Ayrault, M. Bérengier, I. Calmet et al. -- Performance evaluation of air quality dispersion models in Delhi, India, by A. Namdeo, I. Sohel, J. Cairns et al. -- Characterization of atmospheric deposition in a small suburban catchment, by K. Lamprea, S. Percot, V. Ruban et al. -- Atmospheric elements deposition and evaluation of the anthropogenic part -- the AAEF concept, by M. Catinon, S. Ayrault, O. Boudouma et al. -- Sulfur dioxide and sulfate in particulate matter scavenging processes modeling in different localities of Metropolitan Region of São Paulo with different cloud heights, by F.L. Teixeira Gonçalves, L.C. Mantovani Junior, A. Fornaro et al. --  Shop opening hours and population exposure to NO2 assessed with an activity-based transportation model, by E. Dons, C. Beckx, T. Arentze et al. --  Lung deposited dose of UFP and PM for cyclists and car passengers in Belgium, by L. Int Panis, H. Willems, B. Degraeuwe et al. --  Emissive behaviour of two-wheeler vehicle category. Methodologies and results, by P. Iodice, M.V. Prati, A. Senatore -- Mobility of trace metals in urban atmospheric particulate matter from Beijing, China, by N. Schleicher, S. Norra, F. Chai et al. --  Health risk from air pollutants, an epidemic in western Java Indonesia, by M. Dirgawati, J. Soemirat, A.E. Kusumah et al. -- URBAN WATERS: Emission control strategies for short-chain chloroparaffins in two semi-hypothetical case cities, by E. Eriksson, M. Revitt, H.-C. Holten-Lützhøft et al. -- Identification of water bodies sensitive to pollution from road runoff. A new methodology based on the practices of Slovenia and Portugal, by M. Brenčič, A.E. Barbosa, T.E. Leitão et al. -- Modeling nutrient and pollutant removal in three wet detention ponds, by T. Wium-Andersen, A. Haaning Nielsen, T. Hvitved-Jacobsen et al. -- Analysis of flow characteristics in a compound channel: comparison between experimental data and 1D numerical simulations, by J.N. Fernandes, J.B. Leal, A.H. Cardoso -- Comparison of the pollutant potential of two Portuguese highways located in different climatic regions, by A.E. Barbosa, J.N. Fernandes -- Road runoff characteristics on costal zones - Exploratory Data Analysis based on a pilot case study, by P. Antunes, P.J. Ramísio -- Characterization of road runoff: A case study on the A3 Portuguese Highway, by P.J. Ramísio, J.M.P. Vieira -- The Impact of Highway Runoff on the Chemical Status of Small Urban Streams, by J. Nabelkova, D. Kominkova, J. Jirak -- Changes of toxic metals bioavailability in urban creeks as a potential environmental hazard, by D. Kominkova, J. Nabelkova, D. Starmanova -- Possible Sampling Simplification of Macroinvertebrates for Urban Drainage Purposes, by G. Stastna, D. Stransky, I. Kabelkova -- Bioaccumulation of heavy metals in fauna from wet detention ponds for stormwater runoff, by D.A. Stephansen, A. Haaning Nielsen, T. Hvitved-Jacobsen et al. -- Behavior of dissolved trace metals by discharging wastewater effluents into receiving water, by F. Rühle, L. Lanceleur, J. Schäfer et al. -- Speciation of trace metals in organic matter of contaminated urban sediments, by A. El Mufleh, B. Béchet, L. Grasset et al. -- An urban watershed regeneration project: The Costa/Couros river case study, by P.J. Ramísio -- URBAN SOIL CONTAMINATION AND TREATMENT: The Astysphere, a geoscientific concept for the urban impact on nature, by S. Norra -- Traffic Related Metal Distribution Profiles and their Impact on Urban Soils, by J.A. Carrero, I. Arrizabalaga, N. Goienaga et al. -- Assessment of total petrol and polycylic aromatic hydrocarbon mobility in soils using leaching tests, by O. Krüger, M. Kolepki, G. Christoph et al. -- Soil-plant relations in an urban environment polluted with heavy metals, by R. Lacatusu, A. R. Lacatusu -- Risk assessment of contaminants leaching to grounwater in an infrastructure project, by Y. Kalmykova, A.M. Strömvall -- Sewage sludge treatment focused on useful compounds recovery, by J. Gluzinska, J. Kwiecien -- Environmental emission impact from transport during soil remediation, by J. Hector, M. Norin, K. Andersson et al.

The 10th Urban Environment Symposium (10UES) was held on 9–11 June 2010 in Gothenburg, Sweden. UES aims at providing a forum on the science and practices required to support pathways to a positive and sustainable future in the urban environment. The UES series is run by Chalmers University of Technology within the Alliance for Global Sustainability (The AGS).   Papers by leading experts are presented in sections on  Sustainable Urban Develoment and Urban Planning; Air Quality and Human Health; Urban Waters; and Urban Soil Contamination and Treatment.


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