Baleanu, Dumitru.

Fractional Dynamics and Control [electronic resource] / edited by Dumitru Baleanu, José António Tenreiro Machado, Albert C. J. Luo. - New York, NY : Springer New York, 2012. - X, 310 p. online resource.

Part I Fractional Control --  A Formulation and Numerical Scheme for Fractional Optimal Control of Cylindrical Structures -- Neural Network Assisted PIlDm Control -- Application of Backstepping Control Technique to Fractional Order Dynamic Systems -- Parameter Tuning of a Fractional-Order PI Controller Using the ITAE Criteria -- A Fractional model predictive control for fractional order systems -- A note on the sequential linear fractional dynamical systems from the control system view point and L^2theory -- Stabilization of Fractional Order Unified Chaotic Systems via Linear State Feedback Controller -- Part II Fractional Variational Principles and Fractional Differential Equations -- Fractional variational calculus for non-differentiable functions -- Fractional Euler-Lagrange differential equations via Caputo derivatives, Ricardo Almeida.-Strict Stability of Fractional Perturbed Systems in Terms of Two Measures -- Initial Time Difference Strict Stability of Fractional Dynamic Systems -- A Fractional Order Dynamical Trajectory Approach for Optimization Problem with HPM -- Part III Fractional Calculus in Mathematics and Physics -- On the Hadamard type fractional differential system -- Robust Synchronization and Parameter Identification of Fractional-Order Unified Chaotic System -- Fractional Cauchy problems on bounded domains: survey of recent results -- Fractional analogous models in mechanics and gravity theories.-Schrodinger equation in fractional space -- Solutions of wave equations in fractional dimensional space -- Fractional exact solutions and solitons in gravity -- Part IV Fractional Order Modeling -- Front propagation in an autocatalytic reaction-subdiffusion system -- Numerical Solution of A Two Dimensional Anomalous Diffusion Problem -- Analyzing Anomalous Diffusion in NMR Using a Distribution of Rate Constants -- Using fractional derivatives to generalize the Hodgkin-Huxley model -- An Application of Fractional Calculus to Dielectric Relaxation Processes -- Fractional wave equation for dielectric medium with Havriliak-Negami response.

Fractional Dynamics and Control provides a comprehensive overview of recent advances in the areas of nonlinear dynamics, vibration and control with analytical, numerical, and experimental results. This book provides an overview of recent discoveries in fractional control, delves into fractional variational principles and differential equations, and applies advanced techniques in fractional calculus to solving complicated mathematical and physical problems.Finally, this book also discusses the role that fractional order modeling can play in complex systems for engineering and science. Discusses how fractional dynamics and control can be used to solve nonlinear science and complexity issues Shows how fractional differential equations and models can be used to solve turbulence and wave equations in mechanics and gravity theories and Schrodinger’s equation  Presents factional relaxation modeling of dielectric materials and wave equations for dielectrics  Develops new methods for control and synchronization of factional dynamical systems Fractional Dynamics and Control is an ideal book for scholars, researchers and advanced technical members of industrial laboratory facilities, for developing new tools and products in the field of nonlinear dynamics and control.


10.1007/978-1-4614-0457-6 doi

Computer science.
Vibration, Dynamical Systems, Control.
Computational Science and Engineering.
Nonlinear Dynamics.

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