Proulx, Tom.

Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Volume 6 Proceedings of the 2011 Annual Conference on Experimental and Applied Mechanics / [electronic resource] : edited by Tom Proulx. - New York, NY : Springer New York : Imprint: Springer, 2011. - XII, 668 p. online resource. - Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series, 2191-5644 . - Conference Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Mechanics Series, .

A Rocking Spalling Test to Characterise the Crack Speed in Brittle Materials -- Crack Growth Behavior in Preloaded Metallic Nested-angle Plates Under Flight Load Spectrum -- Experimental and Finite Element Analysis (FEM) of Bioceramics -- Damage Analysis of the Ceramic Reinforced Steel Matrix Composites Sheets: Experimental and Numerical Study -- Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Polymeric Materials Aged in PEM Fuel Cell Conditions -- "Mechanical Characterization and Modeling -- of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells and Stacks" -- The Impulse Imparted Upon Monolithic Metal Plates due to Blast Loading -- Investigation in Shear Behavior of Intermetallic Composites Using V-notched Beam Test Method -- The Influence of Sample Thickness on the DCDC Fracture Test -- Analysis of Hysteresis Damage Accumulation and the Effect on Fatigue Life -- Fatigue Improvement of Welded Elements by Ultrasonic Impact Peening -- Delamination Between Functionalized Silicon Surfaces -- Failure and Fracture Behavior of Brittle Polymer Foam -- Crack Growth in Three-point Bend Specimens Made of Polymeric Foams -- Reliability Evaluation of Conformal Coatings for Tin Whisker Failure Mitigation in Accelerated Testing Conditions -- Investigation of Manganese Cobalt Oxide (MCO) Coatings on Fuel Cell Interconnects -- Extracting Crack-tip Field Parameters in Anisotropic Elastic Solids From Full-field Measurements Using Least-squares Method and Conservation Integrals -- Velocity Measuring Approaches for the Determination of Ballistic Limits of GLARE 5 Fiber-metal Laminate Plates -- Underwater Explosive Loading of Curved Composite Plates: Experimental and Computational Comparisons -- Adhesion Strength in Metal/Polymer Composites -- Modal-parameter Identification From Nonstationary Ambient Vibration Data -- High-speed Digital Image Correlation Measurements of Random Nonlinear Dynamic Response -- Experimental Modal Analysis of an Inflatable, Self-rigidizing Toroidal Satellite Component -- Selective Excitation Using Phase Shifted Ultrasound Radiation Force From Focused Transducers in air -- The Steelpan as a Tool to Incite Interest in Engineering Education -- Non-contacting Strain Measurement in Dynamic Tensile Testing -- Quantification of Micro-crack Density for Fiber Based Composites -- Dynamic Shear Response of a Polymer Bonded Explosive Using a Modified Hopkinson bar Apparatus -- Shock Testing Accelerometers With a Hopkinson Pressure bar -- Effect of Residual Stresses on Spallation of the Film Under Impact by Coated Bullet -- Fracture Testing of Simulated FRP Repairs -- Hybrid Nano/Microcomposites for Enhanced Damage Tolerance -- Drop-weight Impact Studies of GLARE 5 Fiber-metal Laminates -- Finite Element Modal Analysis of an Inflatable, Self-rigidizing Toroidal Satellite Component -- Experimental and Finite Element Modal Analysis of the Flexible Wings of Micro Munition Vehicles -- Numerical Analysis Study of the Failure Mechanism of Transparent Materials During low Velocity Impact Used in Protective Systems -- Effects of End Restraint on Eyebar Behavior in Bridges -- Three-dimensional Mechanics of Microcellular Solids Using Scanning Confocal Microscopy -- Characterization of the Mechanical Properties of Surface Nanocrystallized Materials -- Variation of Compression of Seals in PEM Fuel Cells -- Neutron Emission Evidences in Natural Materials Under Monotonic, Cyclic, and Vibrational Loading -- Acoustic Emission and Electrical Properties of Quasi-brittle Materials Under Compression -- Temperature Effect on Tensile Testing of Hybrid and Non-hybrid Composites -- Studies on Fracture Performance of Bio-fiber-silica-glass Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Hybrid Composites -- Mechanical Behavior of Bio-inspired Sandwich Composites -- Characterization of Mechanical Behavior of Kevlar 49 Fabrics -- Identification of the Tensile Properties of Composite Material Under Variable Strain Rates -- Compression/Shear Response of Honeycomb Core -- Light Guide Component in Efficiency Enhancement of DSSC -- Sign Support Structures Tested by means of Guided Waves -- Reliability-based Design of Structures Under Seismic Loading: Application to Timber Structures -- Progress in Developing a Standard for Dynamic Strain Analysis -- Polymers in Biaxial States of Stress at Various Loading Rates -- Parametric Study to Optimize Aluminum Shell Structure Under Various Conditions -- A Force Domain Analog-to-Digital Converter Applied in Micro and Nanoscale Tensile Tests -- Distributed Fiber Optic Strain Measurement Using Rayleigh Scatter in Composite Structures -- Diamond Sensors With Silicon Technologies for Sensing in Harsh Environments -- The Influence of Restraint Systems on Panel Behavior -- Burst Strength of Pipeline Test Specimens Containing Longitudinal or Circumferential Corrosion Defects -- A Comparative Analysis of Two Full-scale MD-500 Helicopter Crash Tests -- Structural Integrity Assessment of Blade's  Subcomponents Using Acoustic Emission Monitoring -- Measurement of Cohesive Parameters of Crazes in Polystyrene Films -- Delamination Growth Using Cohesive Zone Model for Adhesive Bonding Under Compression -- Simulation of Stable Tearing Crack Growth Using the Cohesive Zone Model Approach -- Experimental and Numerical Results for Diffusion Bonded Joints -- Modeling of Stable Tearing With Crack Tunneling in Specimens of Different Thickness -- Fatigue Modeling of Collagenous Soft Tissues -- An in-situ Experimental-numerical Approach for Interface Delamination Characterization -- Interface Integrity in Stretchable Electronics -- A Miniaturized Contactless Pure-bending Device for in-situ SEM Failure Analysis -- Study of Propagation of a Pre-existing Crack Under Different Boundary Conditions for Fatigue Loading -- Stochastic Model for Estimation of Probability-confidence Bounded a-N Curves -- Waveforms and Frequency Spectra of Elastic Emissions due to Macrofracture in Solids -- Failure Characteristics of Spot Welds of AHSS Under Quasi-static Conditions -- Characterization of Adaptive Reinforced Concrete Structures -- Bulk Waves for the Nondestructive Inspection of Immersed Structures -- Assault Riffle Bullet-experimental Characterization and Computer (FE) Modeling.

Experimental and Applied Mechanics represents one of eight volumes of technical papers presented at the Society for Experimental Mechanics Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics, held at Uncasville, Connecticut, June 13-16, 2011. The full set of proceedings also includes volumes on Dynamic Behavior of Materials, Mechanics of Biological Systems and Materials, Challenges in Mechanics of Time-Dependent Materials and Processes in Conventional and Multifunctional Materials, MEMS and Nanotechnology; Optical Measurements, Modeling and, Metrology; Experimental and Applied Mechanics, Thermomechanics and Infra-Red Imaging, and Engineering Applications of Residual Stress.


10.1007/978-1-4614-0222-0 doi

Mechanics, applied.
Mechanical engineering.
Theoretical and Applied Mechanics.
Mechanical Engineering.



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